We're a big family of girls who want the next generation to grow into strong, empowered women. The media focuses on portraying a body image that is unrealistic for many girls and women to obtain. These images are absorbed very young and as parents, grandparents, aunts and influential women we need to offset the impact as much as possible.

At Girl-a-Tude we want girls to celebrate themselves, their differences and their abilities, not only their looks.  We want them to be happy and confident from the inside out.  If we focus on all the wonderful parts about being a girl, then a woman, we can teach the next generation how to make a difference by being just who they are. We want to help open doors for you to talk about the hard stuff that happens while we are growing up.

Wng a positive message on their new favorite shirt each month along with a note from G-Girl, their new best friend.